By just looking at the sophisticated security lock systems in many buildings and cars today, one can hardly tell that the practice simply began as an art. Locksmithing dates back to thousands of years ago and the oldest known lock, which is of Egyptian make, dates back to approximately 4000 years old.

Over the years, the Locksmithing field has diversified to include more aspects. Back in the day, when anyone talked about a locksmith, the picture that would come to mind would be that of a person that replaces lost keys to a house or a car and also one who does rekeying services. Today, however, Locksmithing has evolved to incorporate the use of modern technology in the design, installation, implementation and management of key and key control systems. Electronic lock services are also available for those who prefer tight security.

For those interested in becoming locksmiths or just curious to know the different locksmith categories available today, there are quite a number of them. To begin with is a commercial locksmith who works in a store front, a mobile locksmith who deals with vehicles, an institutional locksmith who is normally employed by an institution and a forensic locksmith. Other areas of specialization for a locksmith include an automotive lock specialist, a safe specialist and also a master key system specialist.


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