Staffing Triage to Stop Hemorrhaging Profits thumb

This business infographic entitled „Staffing Triage to Stop Hemorrhaging Profits” illustrates facts about hiring the right people the first time. Hiring top performers can increase revenue, productivity and profit between 50-67% over average performers. However, only 1 in 5 hires are considered a „win”. Some of the hires are lacking skills, lazy or they are always late. According the information illustrated in the following infographic, the broken processes lead to big trouble.

The behaviour of successful employees should be used as a benchmark for hiring. Job requirements or descriptions should be clearly defined. Understanding of projects and specific deliverables should be clearly understood by company recruiting sources. High morale in the workplace is essential. Otherwise, lost productivity could be measured in billions of dollars.

Staffing Triage to Stop Hemorrhaging Profits infographic


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