The 5 Best Locations For Outdoor Security Cameras thumb

The FBI has reported burglaries and home invasion as the most prevalent threat to homes and families. And while our modern world offers a plethora of security systems that are run by off-site professionals, there is no substitute for on-site security provisions, like home security cameras. Just the sight of a security camera can be enough to dissuade a potential burglar. The key is knowing where to place your cameras in order to get the most from them, both as visible deterrents and as invaluable security equipment.

This infographic illustrates the 5 best locations for outdoor security cameras. It also shows the top 10 most burglarized cities in USA. More interesting facts about burglaries are depicted in the infographic as well. According to the statistics, more burglaries occur in the summer than in any other season. Be honest for a moment: how safe is your home? Do you know who’s in your house at all times, even when you’re not at home?

The 5 Best Locations For Outdoor Security Cameras infographic


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