While everyone agrees that factory farming has a negative impact on the animals that are involved, many people don’t realize that these farms may be exposing us to dangerous germs and toxins. Health Science Degree has created an infographic entitled “Food Poisoning: Is Factory Farming Making us Sick?” outlining the real effects factory farming may have on us, how factory farms are taking over our food supply.

According to the infographic, in 1920 chickens growth time was 16 weeks while today is half the time and twice as large. So, there are many risks of the factory meat. Among them are the campylobacter and salmonella, E. Coli, MRSA.

As for the environmental effects, potential damage to the environment are the fish kills, toxic algal blooms, excess nitrogen and phosphorus in water, etc.


Source: http://www.health-science-degree.com/food-poisioning/

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