This infographic explores some of the largest pay-outs the world has ever seen, and looks at a wide range of areas like motor and even pet insurance!

In the year 2008, the world was faced with the worst financial crisis to happen since „The Great Depression”. It is estimated that the unforeseen crisis cost insurance companies worldwide approximately $21.5 trillion in various insurance claims. Next, the 9/11 terrorist attacks resulted in thousands of tragic deaths and damage in New York. According to the infographic, the approximate insurance pay-out was $40 billion due to property damage, business interruption and life insurance.

Another great insurance payout took place in USA and Canada in 2003. Ten million people in Canada and more than 40 million living in eight states in the US, suffered a severe widespread power outage. Besides, the list of most expensive insurance claims of all time includes the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the Great Britain and Ireland floods, China earthquake and more.



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