In 2017, the Converse All Star will turn 100 years old. Since the 1950s, it has appeared on men’s feet in movies, television, and novels and has been worn by rappers, rock stars, astronauts, and presidents. In spite of being known as a unisex sneaker, there is no timeline of its status in women’s fashion. So, this infographic illustrates the first timeline of Converse All Star in terms of women fashion.

In the 1950s the low-top „Oxford” All Star is released. After 10 years, the All Star is first offered in multiple colors. Then, the punk rock uniforms are born with the help of the All Star.

Check out the full infographic and timeline to read how the All Star made it to the White House in the recent years and who’s the fault for that.


Source: https://www.couponbox.com/press/women-in-converse/

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