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Read how to improve your driving safety during the holiday season in the following infographic. More drivers on the road mean more chance of an accident. Plan an alternate route in case or use a GPS app like Google Maps or Waze to help you avoid congested areas.

If you are driving a long distance to visit family and friends, consider taking an extra day or two off before and/or after holiday rush to avoid the surplus of cars on the road.

Make sure you inspect your car before driving, especially for long hauls. Check your tire pressure and headlights, and have a first aid kit with supplies and non-perishable food in case of an emergency.

If you are drinking, be sure and consume plenty of water and snacks with protein to help to reduce the chances of becoming drunk as the party wears on.

Driving-Safety Tips-During-2016-Holiday-Season-infographic-plaza

Source: https://comedydefensivedriving.com/

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