It is not a secret that most of us follow a set routine every single day. Usually, we start our day with a hot drink, continue with several drinks to stay awake and fully focused. We all want to be as more productive as possible, and therefore, we choose coffee or energy drinks. There are many drinks designed to kick our energy levels up as long as possible. They stimulate our brain, and we feel more productive and fresh. However, the final effect depends on what drink we consume. So, the following infographic describes which drink triggers productivity.

First, beer contains alcohol and some essential vitamins such as Vitamin B. When you drink beer you start feeling the effects with the first sip.

As for the most common productivity stimulator – coffee, caffeine targets especially adenosine receptors in the brain. Besides, when you consume coffee, you can start feeling its effect within 15 minutes.

Finally, energizers contain caffeine, taurine and Vitamin B as well as sugar. The recipe also includes ephedrine, guarana and ginseng that work as stimulants and help increasing dopamine levels.


Source: http://www.surveybee.net/work-from-home/

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