At the 2015 WWDC, Apple boasted over ten billion downloads in its App Store in the seven years it’s been open and that number still continues to grow, with millions of downloads happening per day.
Amongst the millions of apps floating around in the App Store, how many of those billions of downloads were for your app? If you’re serious about taking your mobile marketing to the next level, it’s worth taking a look at App Store Optimization. ASO is like SEO, but for apps. Over 63% of all app downloads come from search within the App Store. Instead of using web data, ASO should be done using real mobile data to improve app distribution by increasing Search Ranking for apps in an App Store and by increasing the number of quality users.

ASO requires a lot of data and understanding of how users search for apps. By optimizing things like your app’s title (did you know you had a 255 character limit?) and description to include keywords and phrases that users would use to find your app, you’ll already be halfway to a fully optimized app.
Mobile marketing is quickly evolving from just buying downloads and ads. Find the audience your app needs by optimizing your app for maximum exposure.


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