Video Production gear comes in all shapes and sizes. This infographic looks at the cameras, computers, drones and storage all used in the production of video and animations. We look at GoPros, gone are the glaring quality changes when cutting between production cameras and GoPro shots.

The GoPro is now a staple of any video kit bag. Other cameras have also got smaller and lighter, using a DigiBeta Cam years ago would give you toned arms and a strong back, now a DSLR can be thrown about all day. Production cameras like RED Epic with massive frame sizes and huge data rates bring the headache of storing all that data. Computers have probably seen the biggest changes in power, a desktop computer can now outclass an entire edit room from only a few years ago. Drones have also been a great leap in video production values, if you need a quick aerial shot just throw up a drone, no more waiting around for an expensive helicopter to turn up.

Take a look at the infographic, see where video production gear is in 2018.


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