DUI, DWI, and OWI? What’s the difference between these three offenses? Well, Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Intoxicated and Operating While Intoxicated are all serious criminal offenses related to alcohol and drugs and they are all strictly regulated by the law. But, when it comes to marijuana legalization, a country which allows using the substance for non-medical use needs to regulate every aspect of the drug usage.

That’s exactly the case of Canada at the moment. The Liberal government began the process of redefining the drug policy to provide a clear access to marijuana for recreational use. With the launch of the marijuana Task Force, the main goal is to keep cannabis on the legal track and out of hands of underage persons, as well as regulating the usage, selling and production of the substance. But, what about driving and smoking?

However, Canada is certainly not the first country to prepare for passing Marijuana Legalization Bill coming. Just in its neighborhood, five of the US states have already done it. For instance, Colorado even regulated driving under the influence of THC. Find out what is the THC limit in blood allowed for driving by taking a look at this informative infographic.


Source: http://omqlaw.ca/criminal-law/drinking-and-driving-related-offences/

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