Was content once again the king in 2015? Which type if the content was the most popular? Will content marketing continue its reign in 2016? The following infographic illustrates a look back on 2015 in content marketing and predict trends for 2016.

One important feature of the infographic is the expert opinions from experienced content marketers such as Neil Patel, Jeff Domansky, Glen Gilmore, Chad Pollitt, Ardath Albee and Gini Dietrich.

It is estimated that the percentage of marketers using content marketing in 2015 was 88% among b2b marketers opposed to 76% for the b2c marketers. As for the video marketing, about 69% of marketing, sales and business pros have used this communication channel.
According to Trent Dyrsmid, marketing should be using Facebook ads to promote their content. Glen Gilmore considers live streaming caught the content marketing headlines in 2015.

But what about the future? It is expected that creating original digital videos will be the top trend in content marketing in 2016. In 2016, the number of global smartphone users will reach more than 2 billion! What are the predictions of the experts? Read on the full infographic and share your opinion in the comments.



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