This infographic was created using data from Seatgeek and Vividseats in order to get the average ticket price for 2016 NBA AllStar game and ticket price range for All-Star Saturday Night event.

The average ticket price by team tells us that the New Orleans Pelicans have the lowest price while the New York Knicks have the most expensive prices.

Based on lowest ticket value, the San Antonio Spurs have the lowest cost per win while the Philadelphia 76ers have the worst value. This isn’t surprising given the 76ers poor performance the last few years.

Other facts are the cheapest ticket for Kobe Bryant’s final game was $837 which was more expensive than Lakers ’08, ’09, ’10 NBA Finals games and that the average NBA ticket price have only increased about $9 in 9 years.


Source: http://basketballticketsonline.net/

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