Bamboo fabric has many beneficial attributes over cotton, such as super-soft silky texture, moisture-wicking, thermal regulating, sweat-resistant, UV ray protection and hypoallergenic properties.

The popularity of bamboo clothing is on the rise as an eco-friendly, sustainable, and economical alternative to cotton. Bamboo is being considered as an excellent fabric choice amongst clothing manufacturers and retailers because it is less harmful to the environment than cotton.

This infographic was created by Bamigo to educate and explain to the readers about the various benefits of bamboo fabric and why it is becoming by far the most sustainable textile available to help create a better world.

The infographic focuses on the advantages of bamboo clothing. If you are not aware of the pros of bamboo fabric check out this great visual guide to understanding the benefits for you. For example, bamboo clothing absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton without retaining unpleasant odours.



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