Budgeting is boring for both individuals and businesses, but we all know how important it is. It’s extremely important to the health of a business to put together a solid marketing budget and plan aligned with the company’s objectives and the customers’ expectations.

All too often the marketing budgets are decided by whatever is left over at the end. After all the other costs and plans are made,
marketing gets the change in a lump sum. This is not the best way to operate your business and bring in more revenue.

Business owners know that marketing is a priority, and they are starting to align their goals and budgets more closely. When given the opportunity to spend $5,000 on any one category, the number one response was to spend on marketing materials, which is a good sign.

Marketing budgets are important and with the four styles outlined in the infographic, business owners have a good plan to get 2014 started.


Source: http://www.coastalrepro.com/

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