There is a common thing in everyone when it comes to reveal the amount during the salary negotiation at job interview and we feel awkward about it telling the right final amount. It’s so difficult for all of us to talk the interviewer or employer about the topic of money, but you must be prepared for the topic of salary.

Many surveys has announced that a high percentage of employers leave room for negotiation when they make the initial offer. Everybody has to learn some psychological tips to win the higher salary negotiation. So, here are 10 Tips to use psychology to win higher salary negotiation.


Remember that all companies have a fixed budget when it comes to paying employees. So, discuss any salary you have in mind in terms of what is fair. The amount you have in mind could possibly be lower than how much your employer is willing to offer you. So, don’t mention any figure before hearing employer’s figure for you.
To get higher salary package, you have to let the company realize that you are worthwhile and will make meaningful contribution. Its best way to negotiate a higher salary package with your current employer.
Inform your employer that you do have some extraordinary options available but you are very interested in their company. If your skills are valuable to the company, they will consider your offer carefully.

Check out this infographic created by JobCluster to get a detailed insight. I hope it can useful when you’re going for salary discussion.



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