Breeding fish successfully is a very complex process and requires understanding and knowledge. Breeders should be aware that each species of fish is different, and has different requirements. With Ovoviviparous live bearers the eggs are fertilised internally and they will then hatch inside the female and she will give birth to them. Viviparous live bearers will have their young develop internally without an egg and are nourished by an umbilical cord.

Nest building fish make what are known as bubble nests at the surface of the water made up of mucous and sometimes plant matter.

Open substrate spawners lay their eggs on objects like a FLT stone and will guard them ferociously until the fry have hatched.

Cave substrate spawners will lay their eggs in caves and crevices and will still heavily guard their eggs from predators.

Egg scattering involves the female being chased by the male and involves the male nipping the vent area of the female to stimulate the release of eggs. Whilst the eggs are being released the male will fertilise them as they fall and the eggs will be scattered throughout the environment.

There is no parental care involved with egg scattering fish. The fish can be left to develop and mature on their own.



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