The following infographic illustrates 13 personality traits of a disengaged employee. Workplace is place where people not only work but they also show their temper. If you have been working for a while in a company you should know that there are many colleagues of yours that are disengaged. Disengaged employees are people who don’t care for success of their company and are not interested in helping it grow.

They are constantly complaining, they are independent, irresponsible, they are not willing to learn new things and they are more willing to gossip. They always lie and make excuses because they don’t take responsibility for their actions. Disengaged employees don’t support a good company culture.

They don’t understand how much of a role company culture plays in the success of the business. Any employee that’s not willing to help improve the company culture should be let go, because they will be a drain on the rest of the team.



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