If you are air hockey fan then for your sure you have dreamed for an air hockey table at your home. Buying air hockey table is one option to obtain this amazing entertainment device. Of course, you can receive one as a gift. However, let’s be serious. Most probably you will go to the shop to buy an air hockey table for yourself rather than waiting for Santa. For this reason, this great infographic can be your air hockey table buying guide.

The infographic showcases the types of air hockey tables and explains details of each type mentioned. Among the illustrated are arcade-style air hockey tables, basic design air hockey tables, tabletop air hockey tables and multi-game air hockey tables. What is more, you can read the factors to consider when buying an air hockey table. These are based on skill levels, table size, table construction, rink walls and table motor.

Table construction is best solid from the playing surface to the legs, with joints secured by strong and solid screws, and with an addition of levelers. Next, table motor must be powerful with high and even flow output. it must be capable of operating for long periods and runs quietly. Best with a Plenum chamber.



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