Whether it is a trusted work vehicle, a family car filled with memories, or a beloved classic, there comes a time for every vehicle when it is beyond economical repair. So what happens when your car is no longer a runner? The following infographic shows what happens to your car when it is scrapped. As stated in the infographic the 3 most common cars that are scrapped are Ford Fiesta, Nissan Micra and Vauxhall Corsa. Furthermore, when a vehicle comes to the end of it is life it enters the waste stream.

Vehicles arrive from a variety of sources, from private individuals and garages. What is more, the infographic also depicts the full end-of-life vehicle process. So what isn’t being recycled well, and why? The auto-industry has a recycling and reuse target of 95% to meet. Metal components such as the car body, engine, and gearbox are relatively easy to recycle, as is the battery and exhaust.


Source: http://www.design911.com/

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