What are the colour codes for different types of food business? Check out this infographic explaining how to decode food safety display boards – fssai.

The colours codes include purple, red, brown, turquoise, green, blue, grey, navy blue, yellow.

The Food Safety Display Board or the FSDB or FSSAI Food license of your business should be printed on A3 size board. It is recommended to use boards that are made using cardboard. The food businesses which has FSSAI registration number should ensure to print the FSDB on A4 size cardboard.

It should be placed at common places like the reception, billing counter, or entrance so that the customers can know that your business holds an appropriate FSSAI license.

The board should contain the FSSAI food license number of the hotel. It should be adequately color-coded.

Each business should display a food license board that is specific to their kind of business.

The establishment should make sure that the content on the board should not be damaged, blurred, or destroyed over time.


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