What do regret for? About 90% of people say they have a major regret about something about their lives. A reseach has shown that our biggest regrets tend to revolve around are romance, family, education, career and finance. It is a problem that over time, regrets about giving in to pleasures fade, while we become more disappointed about fun we passed up. Why is that? Guilt over indulgences is short-lived, while feelings of missing out arise gradually. The takeaway: we will be more satisfied with life if we (sometimes) choose a little vice over virtue.

How to let go of regret? First, try to learn something from the mistake, then look on the bright side. Do not dwell on it and finally but most important – take action. In the infographic below you will find 5 tips for living a regret-free life.



Source: http://www.happify.com/hd/how-to-live-a-life-without-regrets/

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