The main purpose of the represented infographic is to show how powerful and qualified specialists in such developing countries as Ukraine and Bulgaria are. It introduces their web developers’ main strong knowledge spheres, their advantages for other more economically and technically developed countries for hiring. Thus, this infographic will clearly reveal the web developers’ population and its skills structure in Ukraine and Bulgaria, their average salaries tendency, where they got the knowledge. It will also introduce the IT industry growth rate in Ukraine and Bulgaria for the near future and their rating among other developed countries for now.

However, the whole world is going through digitalization processes. We are lucky to oversee on the provided inforgraphic how developing countries are growing using digitalization as their main advantage. We can see how rapidly developing the information business sector, offering specialists different courses for improving their knowledge, and we are able to see the competitiveness swallowing technical universities and private training. We can watch over the speed of the growing IT labor market, especially in developing countries and the widening of the IT business sector at the expense of specialized outstaffing and outsourcing web development firms.

To sum up, the provided information is carrying a benefit for those business owners who try to find a cheaper development team for making their business digital and modern in the current world, who really need the qualitative, timely, affordable and loyal web development services. We advise taking a closer look at Ukrainian and Bulgarian IT talent origins.



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