Everyone has been in a situation where they had a bad boss. Needless to say, this is not pleasant and has negative results both for company profits and for employees. There are certain “rules” that are followed when a bad boss is around. For example, a bad boss needs to supervise everything and manage every single move that each employee makes and employees are always so many that the boss does not know whom to supervise first and has no time for anything else.

Of course, the boss is also the only one who is capable of making a decision, especially when some expert experience is needed,and anyone who thinks differently is not welcome. Generally, it is best for the bad boss to ignore the employees, at all, and always trust their own instincts and not to rely too much on expertise and decision models. Of course, the less people know about the plan, the better. Why would anyone else bother to think about plans when the master strategist has it all figured and prefers to have a drink with the subordinates than to explain them what they are supposed to do. Be aware, bad boss is coming!



Source: https://www.taskworld.com/

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