Despite Utah might be home to several of the finest landspaces in the country, when it comes to landscape for women in leadership roles, the terrain is a bit rocky. The following infographic explores the current status of women in business across the nation. As stated in the infographic, about 38% of women hold managerial and professional jobs.

This infographic provides information about business women and wages in Utah as well as women leading in politics. For instance, the average yearly income for women is $35,000 but $50,000 for men.Furthermore, women hold 18,5% of the seat in Congress and 20% in the U.S. Senate. According to the data illustrated in the infographic, less than the half of women in Utah voted in 2010/2012. The current landscape may be discouraging, but there are many things Utah businesses and women business leaders are doing to change the landscape for women in business in this great state.


Source: http://searchgrouppartners.com/women-in-leadership/

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