The Northeast of the United States lays on a huge source of fuel, which we are just beginning to tap into. UG Center has created an infographic entitled “Industry on the Rise with Marcellus-Utica”, detailing how exploring our fuel options is proving to be more valuable than ever before. With ever increasing pressure from the general public on finding a U.S. based source for fuel, states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma are expanding their drilling activities, resulting in the U.S. producing 18% of our fuel supply.

In the past year, Pennsylvania has increased its natural gas production by over 72%, and West Virginia has increased its gas production by 37%. The U.S. is sitting on massive stores of natural gas. As our need for cheap energy expands, shale is the logical answer.

If jobs, lower energy bills, fuel independence and the environment matter to you, the so does natural gas production. As stated in the infographic below, from 2007 to 2012, the oil and natural gas industry increased by more than 162,000 jobs.



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