Britons are mostly known as tea lovers, but more and more of them are replacing tea with coffee. You can see Brits sipping on a hot beverage in the morning on their way to work, or making it at home using a coffee machine they own. People are even worried that more and more coffee shops will force traditional English pubs to close down! But, how many coffee shops are there in the UK; and which one is the most popular?

And how many cups of coffee do Brits really drink? These, and more coffee consumption stats can be found in this infographic, along with fun facts about coffee in the UK and some famous coffee quotes for inspiration. Enjoy – with a cup of coffee!

It is estimated that in 2014, more than 2 million people used instant latte in the UK. When buying coffee for drinking at home, 77% of Brits buy instant coffee. What is more, a study has shown that people who prefer drinking instant coffee are laid back and easy going people who have to procrastinate.



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