The NHL was founded in 1917 and has since become the 5th highest paying sports league, based on average player salaries. According to this infographic, the top paying sports leagues in the world are NBA, IPL, MLB, EPL, and NHL.

It is interesting when compared the highest payroll today and back in the time. The highest paid player for the 2015-16 season was Shea Weber with the salary of $14 million. In comparison, the star of the Kenora Thistles, Tom Phillips, was signed to the Ottawa Senators for $1,500 for the season.

The amount that the National Hockey League teams are allowed to pay their players is capped each year. The cap varies from year-to-year and is based on the percentage of the League’s previous season revenue. The infographic shows the NHL payroll Hall of fame including Bobby Hull, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Joe Sakic. You can see also the mean annual payroll for other top paying US industries such as medicine, business, and law practice.


Source: http://blog.wagepoint.com/h/i/238750099-infographic-a-payroll-face-off-with-the-top-paid-nhl-players

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