Stress is one of the main health problems for modern people. Moreover, researchers have linked a variety of health issues to stress. So, it is crucial for you to avoid stress. You might be aware of some of the stress symptoms, but the difficulty comes with the stress management. The following infographic covers 17 reasons to avoid stress. Among them are headaches, hair loss, blood pressure, belly fat, heart attacks, insomnia, etc.

Many of us are not able to control the effects of stress or don’t know how to avoid stress at work. According to the infographic below, stress, along with elevated cortisol levels, has been linked to chronic back pain. What is more, studies have shown that elevated cortisol levels appear to interfere with sexual function. Furthermore, stress has repeatedly been shown to weaken immunity. That is why, you should learn more about stress and how it can affect your health. It is vital to know how to avoid stress during pregnancy to protect your baby from the effects of stress.


Source: http://www.adrenalfatiguesolution.com/

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