Cheese is one of the main sources of calcium, and this is unquestionable. Hence, eating food with cheese content might speed up the presence of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and may cause one to be hyperacidic. Depending on where the cheese is made there are many variations of it. You can use it in many baking recipes such as pizzas, pasta, burgers and even fries.

This infographic shows 16 unbelievable facts about the world’s favourite cheeses. You will also read interesting facts about each of the most popular cheeses over the world. Among them are the Blue Stilton, Camembert, Roumy Cheese, Monterey Jack, Kashkaval, Feta. For example, according to legend, Khan Asparuh and his cavalry transported their milk in leather skins on horseback and accidently created cheese (Kashkaval).

Cheese Layout 2

Source: http://www.capeportfolios.com/

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