The infographic explores recommendations on daily protein and fat intake for domestic animals. Next, read recommendations on daily calorie intake for pets.

It is estimated that for puppies the recommended daily intake of protein is 56 grams and 21 grams of fat compared to 25 grams of protein and 14 grams of fat for adults. As for cats, kittens should be provided with 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of fat on a daily basis. Pregnant/nursing cats with four kittens should get 41 grams of protein and 12 grams of fat every day.

Check out the daily calorie value of puppies, low active dogs, highly active adult dogs, pregnant dogs, young active dogs and senior dogs.

This also applies to cats and nursing dogs provided in separate tables for your convenience. Check out more at: https://www.zoo-bio.co.uk/blog/feeding-recommendation-pets-153


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