A recent research campaign asked 750 SMEs across the UK how they perceived their IT manager. The respondents replied that nearly half of those questioned (47%) rated their I.T. department as among the most important business functions to drive their business forward, compared to finance (44%), admin (35%) and marketing (39%). Almost a further fifth of those questioned (19%) went as far as proclaiming their IT manager a ‘life-saver.’ The following infographic was created with all of the research results on the importance of an IT department and the evolution of the IT manager.

According to the answers of the respondents, the main responsibilities of an IT manager are fixing general IT problems and server issues as well as upgrading hardware.

When it comes to the qualities that are a must for the perfect IT manager the following should be mentioned – knowing how to fix an issue quickly, support from start to finish, quick response time and approachable.



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