People with disabilities make up that nation’s largest minority group, and it’s only growing. Masters in Special Education has created an infographic entitled “Disability in America”, detailing the specifics of the disability program in the United States.

There are 50 million American citizens on disability, 38 million of those are African American – the same number of residents in the state of California. Experts estimate that 25 percent of twenty year olds will become disabled at one point in their lives prior to retiring, and everyone else runs a 33% chance of becoming disabled before retirement.
This infographic goes into detail about the age breakdown of disability, along with a comparison of the number of people with specific disability-related needs, such as needing physical help on a daily basis, needing a walker or other walking aid, and those with hearing impairments. Additionally, this infographic also details the most common disabilities, such as speech problems, asthma, and diabetes, along with the age groups they are most common in.

Finally, this infographic details people that changed history, despite their disability: Steven Hawking, Franklin Roosevelt, and Harriet Tubman, proving that a disability doesn’t mean inability.



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