The infographic below is dedicated to natural diuretics and diuretic foods. The infographic illustrates a list of natural diuretics to add to your diet. As you might know, diuretics are crucial for reducing swelling and for treating the medical conditions caused by swelling in various body parts. So, before natural diuretics pills there are many awesome diuretic foods you should prefer first.

According to the infographic, different vegetables and fruit act as diuretics and their consumption is beneficial for your health. As stated in the infographic, you should add to your diet beets, cranberry juice, lemon juice, asparagus, pears, carrots, cucumber. Some of the cited act as natural diuretics for weight loss.

For example, the lemon water is an age-old remedy that can help you fit in your pants easily but also act as toxin remover. To benefit from lemon juice, just put a bit of it into water and you will notice the diuretic effect very quickly.

Read on the full infographic to learn about the 10 diuretic foods.


Source: http://www.thinkhealthiness.com/diuretic-foods/

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