Who does not love sleeping? Unfortunately, many people suffer from sleep deprivation based on a variety of reasons. Therefore, the problem with sleep is becoming more and more important and popular in the world. But why all the fuss about sleep? It is a scientific fact that quality sleep engages our bodies restorative systems including cellular growth, repair, detoxification and memory consolidation. In that context, the following health infographic presents an ultimate visual guide to sleep.

So, we should be aware of the fundamentals of sound sleep. To improve your sleep experience be sure that you cover the basics such as light, stimulants, comfort, noise and heat. First, you should ditch the coffee and booze after midday and keep your bedroom as dark as possible.

Furthermore, the infographic provides useful strategies for getting to sleep. Consider working on creating a sleep routine so that you are calm, relaxed and ready to sleep. Check out the full infographic for more pieces of advice how to improve your sleep and reduce the negative factors for your health.


Source: http://180nutrition.com.au/2015/12/10/the-ultimate-guide-to-sleep/

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