You probably know that June 12 is one of the most important dates in Philippinian history. Philippine’s Independence Day is a celebration of freedom and triumph of the Filipino heroism and courage. It’s more than just a red-letter day, it’s a celebration passed on from generation to generation.

As we mark yet another year of our country’s freedom, this infographic is brought to show on what went down in one of the pivotal moments in Philippine history, plus some interesting facts that most Filipinos aren’t aware of. For example, the Philippine National Anthem was played during the proclamation. Initially called „Marcha Filipina Magdalo” and now regarded as „Lupang Hinirang”. Moreover, the infographic explains the anatomy of the flag and the meaning of the colors. You will also read more about the celebration of Independence day nationwide as well as abroad.


Source: http://www.m2comms.com/

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