Graphic design can be a vast and wild landscape to go through. Between illustration, typography, photography, screen-printing…. it can be hard to know your bleed from your body copy! This is by no means a dictionary of terms, but we hope this infographic helps you get through some of the jargon that you probably hear a lot in your day to day business.

Do you know the difference between JPG, PNG and TIFF files and which is best for web use? We’ve got you covered. Confused about when to use CMYK and when to use RGB? We can help you with that!

Pin this infographic to your Pinterest board and always keep it handy, print our infographic and hang it up in your office for a helpful and hopefully visually appealing piece of decoration! Whether you’ve just started out or a complete professional, we think this chart will be useful to anyone in the industry.


Source: https://www.digitalmeal.com.au/blog/the-a-z-of-graphic-design/

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