Direct mail works because of the hectic digital marketplace as much as it does in spite of it. It gives you a chance to cut through the clutter of the digital marketplace and reach people in a personal, tangible way with things like postcards and brochures. In the midst of the digital age, a well-designed postcard showing up in your mailbox – one that you can hold in your hand; one that speaks to you in a personal, authentic way – means a lot more. And it has a much better chance of reaching the eyes of its intended viewer, too. The idea behind why direct mail marketing works isn’t merely speculation or assumption. There’s plenty of data to back it up.

Small Business Trends magazine surveyed customers and found that 54 percent (the largest portion) of customers surveyed prefer receiving updates and promotions from their favorite brands through direct mail to any other form of marketing, and 56 percent said that direct mail marketing is the most trustworthy form of marketing. The mail is an ingrained institution in the minds of consumers; it’s a standard that they can count on. Direct mail is right for most any business. There’s a method and a mailing piece for your business and its marketing goals.

The details of a campaign can be tailored in a lot of different ways, can feature a variety of different printed pieces, and can work towards a very specific goal. The versatility of direct mail means it’s useful in almost any marketing effort, and that any business can find a place for it in their total marketing efforts.



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