The infographic suggests what clothing and equipment are best to handle different conditions on the slopes. Just follow these simple recommendations to ensure that you’re able to handle the elements and ski to your heart’s content! Whatever the weather make sure you wear a helmet, for everything else take a look below.

In the case of blue skies, it is recommended to wear goggles category 3-4 lens. Additionally, insulated ski pants – provide a blend of warmth and protection whilst still be light and breathable.

On the other hand, the cloudy weather needs a better protection. As for the goggles, you should consider category 2 lens with a higher light transmission. The jacket should be insulated to provide warmth in the colder temperature without overheating and protection from any snow. Wider waist and slight rocker are the best options for skis.

Furthermore, the following infographic describes what to wear in heavy snowfall and overcast. Take a look at the infographic to learn how to keep yourself warm on the slopes and enjoy safe skiing.


Source: http://www.leotrippi.com/

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