A dirty environment is something we should all avoid. This is because of the health risks involved and high costs at stake. A good number of businesses incur huge losses yearly due to dirt. For some it is directly while others indirectly; the following breakdown will help you get a better understanding.

In any industry, companies usually go through a rigorous hiring process expecting to get the best employees. The work force is then relied upon to deliver 100% input for the business to make great returns. Unfortunately, dirt always gets in the way and results in sick workers who are unable to show up when needed.

When dirt is allowed to thrive at the work place, you and your employees will end up contracting diseases. Regardless of whether it is a minor cold/flu or a more severe illness that leaves you bedridden, you can be sure there will be a decrease in productivity/output by up to 54%. As a result, sales and customer service will also be affected and plummet by approximately 39%.

Annually, sick employees take up an average of 7.7 sick days each. If they manage to work through a cold or flu, their performance level ends up suffering significantly. The employee will be unsettled most of the time, and cases of headaches, dry throat, lethargy, itchy or watery eyes which are symptoms of a flu, affect his productivity.

Exposure to dust hinders the employee’s cognitive skills by 2-6%. They won’t be able to type, reason, do arithmetic, or remember things well.



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