IT progress forks off into many directions. Probably the most dynamic and lucrative one is the mobile market. Today mobiles are used for fun, communication and shopping. They are also getting integrated with cloud. The prediction is that by 2018 the annual growth rate of cloud-based apps will be about 64%. Already in October 2013 there were more than 1 million Apple apps for mobile users. The future figures are only going to grow. Also, the rise of 4G mobile devices will increase the number of online purchases. About 8 billion 2G, 3G and 4G mobiles in 2018 will inspire operators to introduce broadband packages for mobiles.

Online shopping will see large investments. Integration of social media, mobiles devices and e-commerce already yields automation of online shopping offers. Retailers follow mobile users online and offer them best deals for their preferences. Mobile users are becoming more demanding and businesses tend to diversify their offers.
All in all, by 2018 mobiles and cloud will become an inseparable blending thanks to social media, data storage, apps and video streaming. The average monthly data exchanged via mobiles is expected to grow to 2.8GB by 2018. The period of cloud and video mobile dictatorship is at our door.



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