Nowadays wherever you go you meet and see many people listening to music using headphones. With the boom of smartphones, wearable devices, tablets and music services such as Spotify millions of people wear headphones every second worldwide. Depending on the profile of the listener there are different types of headphones preferred. The following headphone types infographic shows the basic headphone types and styles available to the listeners these days.

According to the infographic, we have headphones for private home use as well as office use. Compared to the headphones for private home use, those for office use need to provide isolation, comfort and sound quality. As secondary criteria could be pointed, build quality and price.

Additionally, the fitness vibe stimulated the invention of headphones specifically for gym use. The headphones for a workout should be lightweight and provide decent sound quality as well as isolation.

As for the different types of headphones, there are in-ear, on-ear and over-ear models. The Earbuds (in-ear) are the smallest headphones types and are perfect for the gym, jogging or public travel.

The on-ears, known as earpads, are medium sized and rest comfortably on the listener’s ears. These are the ideal option for office use.

As for the over-ears, being the largest models they surround the entire ear. You should buy one of these for home use or serious listening. For more useful information about the headphone types read the full infographic below.


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