Chatbots is the trend in social media management in recent years. But not only. This great piece of software proliferated in other industries as well. The chatbot revolution is happening now. In this contest, this infographic spotlights the chatbots market and explains why chatbots are the future of marketing.

Read some chatbot marketing statistics that will blow your mind. For example, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020. Other instance, 40% of mobile interactions will be managed by smart agents by 2020. The infographic also highlights the top platforms to build chatbots.

Another interesting aspect of the infographic is the timeline showing the history of chatbots. It is believed that the first chatbot was developed by the notorious mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing in 1950. In 2016 Facebook messenger became the leading program for chatbots with the launch of bots for Messenger.
As discussed, among the industries benefiting from chatbots are e-commerce, insurance, retail, recruitment and other.

Check out the benefits of chatbot marketing including selling your product and building your contact list.

In terms of Facebook marketing, chatbots have numerous uses such as Q&A, Facebook messenger ads and chat blasting.



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