Is there really a difference between organic and non-organic foods? More specifically, is buying organic meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs worth the money? Here, we highlight 6 major areas organic livestock farming is different and healthier than non-organic livestock farming. The stunning differences include the use of hormones, antibiotics, type of feed and land used, the treatment of the animals, as well as how the meat or dairy is processed for store shelves.

Examples of the dramatic differences between organic and non-organic livestock farming methods include the rampant use of antibiotics and synthetic hormones as well as the use of crowded and inhumane spaces leading to unhygienic spaces and greater need for antibiotics.

Furthermore, non-orgnanic livestock products are frequently treated with radiation to kill pathogens which decreases the nutritional quality of the food. When comparing organic to non-organic livestock products, higher amounts of vitamin E, A, and B6, and 170% more omega-3 fatty acids in addition to reduced amounts of carcinogenic chemicals!

This infographic shows the many unbelievable benefits of organic farming and why choosing organic meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs is a no brainer!



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