If you have problems selecting the best squirrel proof bird feeder, this infographic is for you. The following infographic shows various types of bird feeders and pros and cons of theirs. Among the illustrated bird feeders are hopper feeders, tube feeders, Nyjer feeders and twirl squirrel feeders. So, check out the advantages of each bird feeders and choose the right one for you.

Speaking of hopper feeders, they protect seed from elements and hold enough seed to last days. Finches, jays, grosbeaks and more birds find hopper feeders for attractive.

When it comes to tube feeders, pros to point out include feeding port location determines birds that will feed. It is interesting that tube feeders attract birds that hang upside down to eat such as goldfinches.

Furthermore, Nyjer feeders are not eaten by the birds. Squirrels do not like Nyjer seed. So, goldfinches and common redpolls are attracted.

Finally, the twirl a squirrel bird feeder attracts all songbirds since it sits as a baffle on top of the feeder.



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