Everyone’s heard of hot sauce, and nearly every culture across the globe has its own take on the spicy condiment. From the mildly piquant to the five-alarm, face-melting heat of some of the world’s spiciest sauces, it seems like there’s a hot sauce for just about everyone.

At the WebstaurantStore, we’ve taken a look at hot sauce, from its historical beginning thousands of years ago through today. Explore hot sauces around the world and learn just how spicy those peppers are with a visual Scoville scale of hotness! Humans have enjoyed hot sauce since ancient times and, as with so many foods, it can serve as an international language to bring different people together and find common ground.

So, whether you’re seeking to challenge yourself to taste the spiciest hot sauce on the planet, or you are simply interested in exploring the nuanced flavors of artisanal sauces, there’s certainly a hot sauce out there for you to enjoy.


Source: https://www.webstaurantstore.com/blog/2376/hot-sauce-facts.html

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