Wood identification is a skill that might help you when looking for purposes of interior design. This infographic provides a wood identification guide. That secret weapon includes a collection of heaviest, expensive and well-recognised woods that you will love to buy for home decorations.

The top five heaviest woods are showed in the infographic and a brief introduction is provided for each. For example, the black ironwood is very seldom seen for sale.

Next, the infographic describes the top five expensive woods as well as well-recognised woods. Bocote and ebony as well-known as expensive and high-quality woods that are implemented in many objects. When it comes to hardwood, oak and maple should be mentioned as the infographic does.

Tree rings contain up to 10000 years of annual information regarding climate, fire history, glacial movements and other disturbances there are two types of rings. Read the infographic to see more information about both.


Source: http://www.pine-workshop.com/

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