Some consider them a blessing, that make possible for designers from all over the world to have equal chances to sell their design work. Аnd some view them as a bane on the world of design, which exploits the work of millions of designers every day. Other designers can’t stop sing them praise, and some designers boycott them and write passionate articles, where ask people to refrain from using their services.
Have you guessed what is this mysterious popular trending topic? That’s right, the design competition platforms, which make it possible for companies to start their design contests to attract the work of hundreds of designers at a time.

On the first glance, it seems, that its a great idea, for a company to start such a contest on one of the sites, that would let many designers submit their work, giving you ample opportunity to choose the most fitting. There is a catch to such line of action, and we would love for you to view the infographic to see all the Pros and Cons of Hiring Logo Design Company or Starting Design Contest. One of the major catches for companies, if they start logo design contest would be to get a good designer, who would be willing to spend time on research for their topic. Moreover, since many professional designers now boycott such platforms, since no one wants to spend lots of time on the project, and not get paid in the end.



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