So, what’s all the craze with digital communities? We’re glad you asked. Digital communities have a host of benefits for your business, which we’ll talk about in this short article and in the infographic below; But it must be emphasized that these communities are complementary to your business structure, and not a replacement of any service you may provide.

Building a digital community gives you more opportunities to connect with your audience(s) in a way that’s natural and personal. Through targeted community interactions, you’ll be able to generate excitement, launch products, and announce events without all the hassle that sometimes comes with the traditional ways of doing things.

On top of that, social media is a growing avenue for business growth. Around 53% of brands claim that social media is the top driver for their relationship building and brand engagement – twice as much as email, and four times that of a traditional website! Wow. Back in 2016, Facebook enjoyed the highest rate of customer engagement, with 63% and a 15 day engagement rate, Instagram followed at 27% with an 11 days engagement rate, Twitter at 25% with 7.5 days, and Google+ at 17% with 3.2 days. And there are other social media channels as well, such as slack, Reddit, RocketChat, etc.


Source: https://www.cyberius.com/why-should-we-build-a-digital-community-infographic/

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