Tendons are made of strong tough connective tissue that is continuous with your muscles. They cross over joints to anchor your muscles to bones, enabling movement.

Because they are subjected to high forces when you sprint, jump and make rapid directional changes, tendons sometime become sore or even ruptured. Knowing how to properly treat your painful tendon is essential for quick and effective recovery.

The infographic highlights 10 rules for managing lower limb tendon pain. Moderate activities like walking, cycling and swimming will help your tendon heal more quickly. Also, use injections as a last resort if your tendon does not respond to other therapies.

Massaging your tendon during its healing phase will only irritate it and increase your pain. Try icing it instead to reduce swelling and relieve pain.


Source: https://nydnrehab.com/blog/10-rules-for-managing-lower-limb-tendon-pain/

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